People are loving Taylor Swift's new documentary and song

People are loving Taylor Swift's new documentary and song

Taylor Swift has allowed us to take a peek into her world in her new documentary, 'Miss Americana' - and her fans are loving it. 

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift/ Instagram

Taylor Swift's documentary, 'Miss Americana', was released in January and can be watched on Netflix and in cinemas.

“So it’s finally out! #MissAmericana is on @netflixfilm and I’m really excited for you to see it,” Taylor wrote on Instagram. 

'Miss Americana' was directed by Lana Wilson.

Swift thanked Lana for the great job she did on the film. 

“I want to thank @lanawilson for her endless curiosity and for wanting to make this film,” she wrote on Instagram. 

However, she added that the film left her feeling vulnerable as it discloses in-depth details about her life. 

“It’s pretty wild to be sharing this much of my life because it’s pretty scary to be vulnerable!” she wrote on Instagram.

The film has received positive reviews, even from celebrities. Actress and model Jane Seymour Fonda praised Taylor for being impressive and smart. 

Taylor also released her latest single, 'Only The Young', alongside her film. 

The song encourages young people to dream and never give up. It is such a beautiful song with a powerful message. The song has also received positive reviews. 

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According to Taylor Swift News, the singer's albums; 'Lover', 'Reputation', '1989', and 'RED', are all charting on the Billboard 200 thanks to her documentary. 

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