N.E.R.D drops new 'Lemon' remix featuring Drake

N.E.R.D drops new 'Lemon' remix featuring Drake

Pharrell Williams has released a new version of N.E.R.D's single, 'Lemon'. 

N.E.R.D Lemon

Just when you think N.E.R.D's smash hit, 'Lemon', couldn't get any better, Pharrell Williams drops a hot new remix featuring Drake. 

Rihanna, who featured on the original version of the song, is also back for the remix. 

The remix starts with Drake rapping the same verse Rihanna does in the original: 

I get it how I live it
I live it how I get it
Y'all don't really get it
I pull up in a lemon.

'Lemon' is off N.E.R.D's fifth studio album, 'No One Ever Really Dies'. It's the group's first full length album since 2010. 

Here's the original version of 'Lemon'. 

Drake has another song making music waves. His single, 'God's Plan', is currently at number four on the Coca-Cola Top 40.

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