Mariechan: Different in her own way

Mariechan: Different in her own way

Former Jamali group member Mariechan is ready to re-introduce herself with the help of her upcoming Ep. 

Mariechan 'Missed Calls' cover art
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South Africans have fallen in love with Shekhinah's latest single, 'Different' featuring Mariechan. 

While Shekhinah is used to making waves on the charts, it's the first time in a long time we've heard Mariechan on the radio. 

Many people will remember the talented vocalist from her days as a member of Jamali - a girl group formed on Coca-Cola Popstars in 2003. 

The trio officially went their separate ways more than a decade later. Mariechan has been pursuing a solo career for several years now and is finally getting the recognition she deserves. 

Her collaboration with Shekhinah has helped give her the boost she needs to get her name out to a wider audience. 

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It couldn't have come at a better time because Mariechan is gearing up for the release of her new album, 'Cherry Blossom'. 

Here's a look at how she has been building up to her album. 

Her collaboration with Shekhinah

'Different' has taken over the local airwaves and is currently at number 11 on the Coca-Cola Top 40 chart. The single has been getting major airplay

Her catchy new single

A few days after the 'Different' video dropped in June, Mariechan released the video for her latest single, 'Missed Calls', on YouTube.

Her fans are ready to see her shine

Mariechan's fans can't get enough of her new song and are glad to see her back on top. "‪I was asked why I make music? ‬I make music for the needs I have within myself, the need to express, the need to overcome, the need to communicate, to loose inhibition, to move & ignite, to feed my soul, head & hips because it makes me feel good, it makes me feel..." she wrote on Instagram.

#missedcalls @mikhale_jones unplugged ❤️😩 #talenttuesday

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Cherry Blossom

Mariechan has been grinding hard over the past few years to make her solo career a big success and it looks like 2018 just might be her year. Her EP does not have an official release date yet but Mariechan hopes to have it out by November. Speaking to TshisaLIVE, Mariechan explained how she came up with the album's title. 

"The story of Cherry Blossom is one that dates back to some moments in my grandmother's backyard. Where I  come from straight sleek hair and being light skinned meant you were beautiful, and everything in between was almost there but never quite got there.

"My granny never used to let me put anything in my hair and I wasn't as light enough, they called me ugly duckling. There tree was blossoming and one day I said to my gran, 'I wish I was as pretty as these flowers.' She said, 'but baby, you are already beautiful and one day when you grow up and see it for yourself then you will blossom just like that cherry blossom tree."

Change the plan but never the goal📌 📸 @g_nationsa

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