Linkin Park's music sales soar after Chester Bennington's death

Linkin Park's sales rise 5,332% after Chester Bennington's death

Music lovers rushed to download the band's songs following lead vocalist Chester Bennington's death.

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Linkin Park's music sales are soaring around the world following the death of the group's lead singer, Chester Bennington. 

In the USA, sales increased by 5,332% on July 20, the day he was found dead in a Los Angeles home, compared to the previous day.

Billboard reports that the band's albums and songs sold 110,000 copies in one day. 

Three of Linkin Park's albums are expected to enter the Billboard 200 chart following the sales increase. 

'In the End',  one of their most popular songs, was downloaded 923,000 on streaming services on July 20, compared to 107,000 on July 19. 

'Numb' was not far behind with 740,000 downloads.

Australian fans are also rushing to download the Grammy Award-winning group's music. 

Linkin Park's 17-year-old album, 'Hybrid Theory', became the number one album in Australia after Chester's death. 

The album, which was released in 2000, jumped to No. 1. on the country's iTunes chart. 

It's not the only offering from the band experiencing a major sales boost.

Their 2003 album, 'Meteora', is also in the Top 5, along with 'One More Light' -  the group's latest album.

Linkin Park has a total of 10 songs on Australia's iTunes chart. 

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles coroner has confirmed that Chester died of a suicide by hanging. 

He died on what would have been his good friend Chris Cornell's birthday

Chris died two months earlier after committing suicide in a similar way. 

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