Learn how to dance like Bruno Mars

Learn how to dance like Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars can dance just as well as he can sing!

Bruno Mars collaborations

Bruno Mars' latest album is enjoying major chart success thanks to hits like '24K Magic' and 'That's What I Like', which is currently at number 31 on the Coca-Cola Top 40 chart. 

But it's not just his amazing voice that has people talking.

The videos for his last two songs featured some smooth dancing that has many people trying to imitate his moves.

It's no wonder they have been watched more than 800-million times combined on YouTube. 

If you want to show off at your next party, then these Bruno Mars dance moves are sure to get you the attention you crave!

Here's a simple one to get you started...


Even your grandpa can do this move...


Wave your hands in the air like you just don't care...


If you still need some help, this step-by-step guide will definitely make sure all eyes are on you...

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