Lady Gaga asks world leaders to fund coronavirus vaccine

Lady Gaga asks world leaders to fund coronavirus vaccine

The musician took to Twitter to ask several presidents to help fund the covid-19 vaccine that could save the lives of many who are affected by the virus. 

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga/ Instagram

The coronavirus has led to the deaths of thousands of people around the world and the numbers keep increasing. Millions of people are also affected by the pandemic.

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Although no cure has been found, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations(CEPI) has developed a vaccine that aims to protect against the virus.

In a tweet by the United Nations Foundation on Monday, it was announced that they have raised a $10 million disbursement from the #COVID19Fund to support @CEPIvaccines.

Lady Gaga has called on world leaders to help raise more money for the funding of the vaccine.

She took to Twitter on Monday to ask President Emmanuel Macron, President of the EU Commission Ursula von der Leyen and Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada to fund the vaccine. 

Below are the tweets. 

Lady Gaga, along with the group Global Citizen, has already raised $35m for the World Health Organisation to fight the pandemic. 

In the video below, Gaga talks about all the work she has been doing with the WHO to help deal with the coronavirus. 

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