Katy Perry wows SA fans during 'Witness' tour

Katy Perry wows SA fans during 'Witness' tour

Fans can't stop singing Katy Perry's praises after seeing her 'Witness' tour in Johannesburg.

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Katy Perry kicked off her three-day 'Witness: The Tour' concert in Johannesburg this week, and the show is all kinds of amazing.

South Africans filled up the TicketPro Dome on Wednesday night, with many taking to social media to share the experience.

Many praised the "spectacular" stage effects and Katy's "amazing" glitter costumes. 

"What an amazing night #KatyPerrySA #WitnessTheTour I rate Katy Perry performance 10/10... South Africa loves you," one fan wrote on Twitter.

As promised, Katy sang many of her hits songs. 

"We’re gonna play all the songs you’ve been waiting to hear!” she told concertgoers on night one.

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Katy's next show is on Friday night, July 20, with the third and final concert taking place on Saturday, July 21. 

The 33-year-old has been out and about in Jozi, and happily took snaps with some of her fans. 

Durban and Cape Town fans were disappointed that Katy's tour would not be heading to their neck of the woods, but many flew to Joburg anyway. 

East Coast Breakfast host, Darren Maule, will be attending Saturday's show with one lucky fan from Durban.

Darren is a huge Katy fan and it seems the feeling is mutual. The 'Swish Swish' hitmaker sent him a special message ahead of the show.

"Hey Darren... I am so excited to meet you and I can't wait to have some fun in Joburg. I've been doing a lot of radio interviews here in Joburg but nobody compares to you Darren. I hope you've got your chapstick ready for Saturday night, Kisses, Katy," she said. 

Listen to Katy Perry's message to Darren Maule here.

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