GoldFish Man takes on DJ Dog in new GoldFish video

GoldFish Man takes on DJ Dog in new GoldFish video

Watch GoldFish Man battle nemesis DJ Dog in GoldFish's new music video.

GoldFish Take to Me

GoldFish have released the video for their latest single, 'Talk to Me', and the electronic duo is going back to their animation roots. 

The animated video sees the return of GoldFish Man, who has to take on his nemesis DJ Dog for a DJ title. 

"Our new Video is here! GoldFish Man battles nemesis DJ Dog for the 'Top DJ title' *cough* Lots of fun little cameos and refs, see who you can spot! Shout out to our genius animator and collaborator @mikdog for knocking this one out the park again," GoldFish said on Instagram. 

The duo, who are currently based in the US, released their fifth studio album, 'Late Night People', last week. 

The album has already produced hits such as , 'If I Could', which was bubbling under on the Coca-Cola Top 40 chart.

GoldFish has embarked on an album launch tour that has already seen them visiting Texas and New York.

Check out their new music video below:

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