Dua Lipa drops 'Swan Song' from motion picture, 'Alita: Battle Angel'

Dua Lipa drops 'Swan Song' from motion picture, 'Alita: Battle Angel'

Dua Lipa has dropped a new song and music video to go with it from the 2019 Science Fiction/Thriller movie, Alita: Battle Angel.

Dua Lipa in 'Swan Song' / YouTube
Dua Lipa in 'Swan Song' / YouTube

Dua Lipa is taking us into the future with her song and music video for her new track, 'Swan Song'. 

The song dropped on Thursday, 24 January 2019 and features Lipa in a futuristic, post-war, post-apocalyptic world. In the video, she dons a black crop and pants with heavy chains. Her look resembles the lead character of the film, Alita: Battle Angel which is said to be released on Valentine's Day

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According to reports, the film "follows the story of the titular Alita (Salazar), a disembodied core who awakens with no memory in a post-apocalyptic world destroyed by a technological fall."

Watch the trailer of the movie below:

The film's director has said that there is an apparent connection with Dua and the character from the film. 

"While in the film Alita is quite literally on a journey to discover who she is, her story serves as a really powerful allegory for any girl who doesn’t yet know her own power. I wanted to play with that same profound notion by dropping Dua into a facet of Alita’s world and allowing Alita to serve as a surrogate that leads her on a journey to discover she’s stronger than she ever could have imagined," Billboard reported

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Don't blink or you might miss Dua's lightning fast moves in the official music video for 'Swan Song'. 

Watch below:

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