Bye Beneco are back with a new 'Jungle Drums' single

Bye Beneco are back with new 'Jungle Drums' single

Get ready to bang your 'Jungle Drums' with Bye Beneco.

Bye Benco

South African band Bye Beneco are gearing up for the release of their new studio EP, 'Ghetto Disko', and are treating their fans to a new single and video.

The indie-folk group just released the video for their latest track, 'Jungle Drums'. 

The video, which was produced by director Emilie Badenhorst, has been described as a "glittered kaleidoscope". 

Bye Beneco will be taking their 'Jungle Drums' sound to Europe in July.

The band is heading overseas for their second tour of the continent. 

"Upon their return they have a full schedule of main stage slots at  South African festivals and venues," their management said in a statement. 

'Ghetto Disko' is set to be released on July 14, and lead singer Lenny-Dee says Africa is their biggest influence for their latest offering.

'Jungle Drums' is available for purchase on iTunes. Watch the video for the single below. You will not be disappointed with this gem! 

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