Ariana Grande drops new song about exes Pete Davidson and Mac Miller

Ariana Grande drops new song about exes Pete Davidson and Mac Miller

The song comes after the tragic loss of her ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller and the unexpected breakup with ex-fiancé, Pete Davidson. 

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It's been a rough few months for Ariana Grande. Not only did she have to deal with losing her ex-boyfriend, rapper Mac Miller, but she also parted ways with now ex-fiance, Pete Davidson. 

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Instead of wallowing in her misery of failed and abruptly ended relationships, she has decided to turn to something she knows best - producing great music.  

Channel24 reported that the singer dropped a new single and title track of her new album, Thank U, Next this past weekend.

The song is a journey through her past relationships, and while many of her fans have said that it sounds a lot like a diss track, Grande added that it's a "new chapter" for her, and more importantly an opportunity for "embracing our path bumps n all."

Some of the lyrics include:

Thought I'd end up with Sean 

But he wasn't a match 

Wrote some songs about Ricky 

Now I listen and laugh 

Even almost got married 

And for Pete, I'm so thankful 

Wish I could say, "Thank you" to Malcolm

'Cause he was an angel

By the sounds of things, the track expresses how thankful the God Is A Woman singer is for her past relationships and shows that she is well on her way to working through her emotions. 

Listen to Thank U, Next below:

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