Miley Cyrus talks new song with Pharrell Williams

Miley Cyrus talks new song with Pharrell Williams

Miley Cyrus and Pharrell Williams' latest track was more than ten years in the making...

Miley Cyrus rocking big hair
Miley Cyrus / YouTube ('Doctor' music video)

Miley Cyrus says her new song, 'Doctor (Work It Out)', completely embodies her spirit and essence. 

The 31-year-old officially released the song, which features Pharrell Williams, last week. The track's video dropped on the same day. 

Miley and Pharrell started working on the song in 2012 when she was putting music together for her album, 'Bangerz'. 'Doctor (Work it Out)' is an outtake from the album. 

Speaking to Zane Lowe on his Apple Music podcast, Miley says the timing of its release just didn't seem right at the time. 

"We just believe so much in timing and in everything happening when it’s supposed to. Around the Grammys, Pharrell and I were talking about putting the song out, and it just felt like it was so serendipitous, and there were so many alignments and so many moments that made me know that now was the perfect time," the 'Wrecking Ball' hitmaker told Zane. 

Miley, who won her first-ever gramophone at the 2024 Grammys, added that Pharrell is one of the few people who allowed her to be herself. 

"He was really the only one that I could kind of tell him what I really wanted, what I really wanted to make, who I really wanted to be, what I really wanted to do. I think Pharrell was perfect because it was almost like he could be a bumper for me, but he wasn’t going to be a bridle."

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Pharrell says he met Miley at a time when "people had pegged her to be one thing" because of what was portrayed in the tabloids. 

But it soon became clear that Miley, who is the daughter of Billy Rae Cyrus and goddaughter of Dolly Parton, was extremely talented. 

"She was Hannah Montana at the time, and she was growing up and really wanting to experience life no matter how far the precipice was, that was her. And I just remember the gatekeepers just not understanding it and thinking that she can only be one thing... I just remember her just being in a place where no one really understood what she was, and I just got it.”

Miley says while the song was written in the past, "sometimes things in our past make more sense in our present". 

“This song, I think the nature, the celebration, the feeling, especially with the video, the joy, the dancing, the letting go, like it’s what this song really always needed. I don’t think I could have delivered that at that time [12 years ago]… This has just worked out. It completely embodies my spirit and my essence at this exact moment.”

Listen to Pharrell and Miley's full interview with Zane below. Miley joins the conversation at 6:00 minutes.

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Main image credit: YouTube/Miley Cyrus ['Doctor (Work It Out)'] music video

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