Makhadzi releases song in honour of Lufuno Mavhunga

Makhadzi releases song in honour of Lufuno Mavhunga

The song has made many Tweeps feel emotional...

Makhadzi/ Instagram

Music is a powerful tool that many musicians use to convey a message to the world. 

One of the hot topics in South Africa at the moment is bullying. Last week, a video showing Lufuno Mavhunga from Limpopo being bullied trended on social media. The Grade-10 pupil reportedly took her life after the bullying incident.

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Her story touched many people, including singer Makhadzi. 

The award-winning artist has now released a song in honour of the grade 10 pupil. 

Makhadzi penned her own experience of bullying in a song titled 'Muvhili wanga (Tribute to Lufuno)’. 

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In the song, Makhadzi sings about how she is often teased/bullied because of her looks.

She asks people to stop teasing her about her nose, body, and head.

“Please stop reminding me about how I look, I  know and I am proud of myself,” she captioned a video of her recent performance of the anti-bullying song.

“This song is a song of #stopbullying​ awareness, it is dedicated to Lufuno, one of students, who lost her life because she was called by names and beaten at school,” reads  a description of the YouTube video.

Many social media users praised Makhadzi for the song. 

"Makhadzi said she wrote muvhili wanga earlier this year because of the treatment she gets on social media. We've been screaming that Lufuno's bullies must be killed, atleast those ones are children, Makhadzi's bullies have 32 teeth, 3 children, a wife and 2 side niggahs. Shuu," a Twitter user wrote. 

Another user said he hopes the song will change lives and stop bullies from continuing with their hurtful actions. 

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