Lizzo reveals she's almost done with her new album

Lizzo reveals she's almost done with her new album

Lizzo has an exciting update about her upcoming project. 

Lizzo/ Instagram (@lizzobeeating

American singer Lizzo says her new album is "coming very very soon". The 'Truth Hurts' hitmaker says she is busy working on her fourth studio album - the follow-up to her major-label debut, 'Cuz I Love You'.

During a keynote address on Sunday at SXSW interactive festival, Lizzo revealed that she has been busy. 

"I can finally tell everybody ... I'm literally flying home today [Sunday] to master my album. It's done!" she told the audience, according to KVUE.

The singer added that her fans can expect the album to drop soon.

"It’s done so it’s coming very very soon…and it’s good. I worked real hard on it, so it better be good." 

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Despite not releasing an album since 2019, Lizzo has dropped a few bangers in recent times. Her hit single, 'Rumors' featuring Cardi B, featured on Billboard's 'Best Songs of 2021' list. 

Her new reality show on Amazon Prime Video, 'Watch Out for the Big Grrrls', will also give her fans a peek of what is to come.

Stars such as Missy Elliott and SZA are making an appearance on the show. Lizzo did not confirm or deny if they will feature on her new album, but told the Sunday at SXSW to stay tuned for exciting details in the coming months.

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Lizzo's new reality show shines the spotlight on plus-size dancers in the entertainment industry. 

"The girls I have onstage with me are not getting representation. They are not getting agents. And I was like, “I know there is raw talent that’s untapped. If I have to start a f***ing television show to get enough attention to find these girls and get them prepared to join me onstage, then so be it.” This has been a passion of mine for a long time: discovering and mentoring big-girl dancers, especially Black girls," she told Variety in February. 

Watch the trailer for Lizzo's new show, which debuts March 25th, below. 

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