'It is really not that great' - Somizi reviews Beyoncé's new song

'It is really not that great' - Somizi reviews Beyoncé's new song

Beyoncé's new single has been described as a dance anthem for survivors, but Somizi is just not feeling it. 

Somizi, Beyonce
Somizi, Beyonce/ Instagram

Beyoncé shook up the music industry this week by releasing an unexpected song called 'Break My Soul'. The dance track has house music influences and features a sample from Robyn S's classic 'Show Me Love'. 

Queer artist Big Freedia also features on the track. The song is different from what Queen B's fans are used to, but it has received a big thumbs up from music critics.

Many described the single as a "dance anthem for survivors". Beyoncé sings in the song: 

Now I just fell in love
And I just quit my job
I’m gonna find new drive
Damn they work me so damn hard
Work by nine
Then off past five
And they work my nerves
That’s why I cannot sleep at night

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But one person who is not loving the Grammy Award winner's new sound is 'Idols SA' judge Somizi.  

"I have an artistic intelligent ear. I don't listen like any other ordinary Beyoncé fan...  I picked up a South African feel and not just a current South African feel. I felt or heard a song that could have been composed by Arthur Mafokate... Mdu featuring Sharon Dee... way back in the 90s," he said in an Instagram video.

The 49-year-old says he listened to the song twice in a row but it is just not growing on him. 

"I wasn't feeling it but I gave it another chance. It played it for the second time. When it played for the second time it felt different but then again what I picked up from this song is that it is really not that much of a great song, because for me, a hit most of the time catches you immediately, but sometimes other hits grow on you," Somizi added. 

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Somizi says Beyoncé is not the best vocalist in the world but she is an amazing performer.

"If Beyoncé was not a visual artist I don't think she would be as successful as she is right now... Beyoncé is definitely not that artist that you would be sold on based on their vocals. Beyoncé is a visual artist. I know for a fact that when she releases the video, I am going to change my mind. I am going to go, 'Whoa, B. You killed it!'." 

Some of Somizi's followers agreed.

"Not a bad song, it just doesn't meet our expectations... I'll wait for an album," one Instagram user commented.

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Somizi has since changed his mind about 'Break My Soul'. Watch the video below to see what he thinks about it now! 

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