Halle Berry slams Drake over new song's cover art

Halle Berry slams Drake over new song's cover art

He asked for permission to use Halle's image and she said "no", but that didn't stop Drake from using it anyway. 

Halle Berry
Halle Berry/ Instagram (@halleberry)

Drake and SZA have a brand new song out called, 'Slime You Out', and it has people talking for all the wrong reasons. 

Halle Berry has called out the Canadian rapper for using a picture of her for the song's cover art without her permission. 

The image was taken at the 2012 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards. It shows the 57-year-old covered in green slime. It's tradition for celebrities to get "slimed" at the awards show every year. 

Here's how Drake used the image for his song's cover art.  

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Halle revealed in an exchange with a fan that she did not want her picture used for the song's cover.

"@halleberry, what are your thoughts [on] Drake using that picture of you for his single?" the Instagram user asked.

"@slicartist didn't get my permission. That's not cool. I thought better of him," she replied.

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The Oscar-winner added in another comment: "Hence my post today. When people you admire disappoint you, you have to be the bigger person and move on!".

Halle technically does not own the image as it was taken by Getty Images for Nickelodeon, but she clearly did not want her image associated with the sexual nature of the song. 

Some of Drake's fans told Halle to take a chill pill because Drake paid to use the image and didn't really need her permission. "Why you mad?" one user asked. 

Halle clapped back: "Cuz he asked me and I said NO that’s why. Why ask if you intend to do what you want to do? That was the f**k you to me. Not cool You get it?"

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The actress added in another comment that it is about principles and integrity. Some people said that they would also be upset if their image was used to promote a song of that nature. 

"'Slime you'. What does that mean exactly? Hmm..."

Halle said she has no intention of taking Drake to court over the use of the image, but wishes men would give women the respect they deserve. 

"I didn't like that image of slime all over my face in association with his song. And he chose to do it anyway!  You see... that is the disrespect." 

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Listen to Drake and SZA's new song, 'Slime You Out', below. WARNING: The lyrics include foul language.

Main image credit: Instagram/@halleberry

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