A truly natural way to rid your home of pesky flies

A truly natural way to rid your home of pesky flies

This is genius! Now to find a chameleon in the garden...

What happens when a fly sits on your food?
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Aah, Summer. The season of warmth, beach days, lekker braais with friends, and... flies.

Flies everywhere!

These pesky little winged creatures are second in line to mosquitoes when it comes to irritation.

If they are not sitting on your food, then they are zooming onto your legs while you are trying to relax. They don't stop and it gets a bit much after a while.

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"These damn flies!" - a line that is said countrywide at this time of year.

While we have seen many differently home remedies to get rid of said pesky flies, this one is the most natural and seems to be very effective... you just need to find a chameleon to help you out:

For those of you with no access to a chameleon companion, below is a comprehensive guide to ridding your home of flies:

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