Tips for caring for your short hair

Tips for caring for your short hair

These tips will help your short hair to always look fab!

Short hair
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Short hair doesn’t require much maintenance.

It takes less time to wash, dry, and style. But even though short hair has all these benefits, it still needs to be well-taken care of. 

Here are seven ways of caring for your short hair. 

Avoid excessive blow-drying

After washing your hair, blow-dry only half of the hair and let the rest of the hair air-dry. This will not only help avoid excessive heat, but it will also give your hair a natural lift. 

Once your hair is slightly damp, you can comb and style it. 

Use less products

Short hair doesn’t need a lot of products. Too many products will cause the hair to look dull and damage it. Rather use hair spray or a little gel.

Trim your hair every three weeks

To ensure your hair looks nice and neat, trim it once every three weeks, or as soon as you see that it is losing shape.

Do not always heat style

Rollers are a great way of curling your hair without using heat. Although they might not be as quick as electronic hair tools, they still protect your hair from the damage that can be caused by heat. 

Wash your hair at least four times a week

It is important that you regularly wash your wash to avoid dirt build up.

Wrap your hair when you go to sleep           

When you sleep, hair can easily tangle because of the tossing and turning. It can also break and cause split ends. To avoid all these, it is advisable to wear a silk hair wrap or scarf. 

Massage your scalp

Massaging your scalp has great benefits. It can strengthen the roots of the hair and spreads the natural oils of the hair. It also enhances blood circulation and improves hair’s resilience. Use the tips of your fingers and gently massage. 

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