Can the humble onion help with hair growth?

Can the humble onion help with hair growth?

Are you having difficulty growing your hair? Apparently, onions are the secret ingredient to growing hair fast.

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While some people are naturally gifted with long hair, for others, growing hair is a mission and a half.

If you feel your hair is taking longer to grow, apparently applying this onion juice mixture could help solve the problem. 

All you need is an onion, a blender, and spray bottle. 

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- Peel the onion. 

- Cut the onion into pieces. 

- Put onion piece into a blender, and use a strainer to get rid of any excess onion.

- Put the juice into the applicator, or spray bottle, or use fingers. 

- Massage scalp thoroughly with the onion juice. 

- Leave the onion juice on scalp for 15 mins to an hour. 

- Shampoo your hair afterwards to remove the smell. 

Disclaimer: Do not try this method before speaking to your hairdresser or doctor. 

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