How to buy the right mattress for your sleeping position

How to buy the right mattress for your sleeping position

Bed expert Pam Naidoo gives tips to help you buy the right bed that is not only durable, but will provide adequate support for your body.

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Buying a new bed is not a decision to be taken lightly. Beds can cost a lot of money, so it is important to ensure you are not throwing your money down the drain by buying a bed that will not last or will cause you back pain.

You want to ensure that the bed is good quality, comfortable, and will support your body. 

With over 40 types of beds available on the market, it can get confusing to know which one is the right one for you.

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Pam Naidoo of Dial A Bed says a good bed should contour to your body while still providing adequate support. 

“Finding the right comfort in a mattress is crucial for happy, healthy sleep. Look for something that’s medium firm. It should contour to your body while still providing adequate support," she says.

“Focus on finding a mattress that satisfies your comfort preference first, then your quality preference."

She warns that one cannot spot a good bed by just looking at it.  

“Take your time and don’t be shy. You can’t judge support and comfort by sitting on an edge or lying down for just a few seconds. Lie on the bed the way that you sleep,” she says. 

If you don’t sleep alone, then Pam advises that it is better to go shopping with your partner and says the bed should be comfortable for both of you. 

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Below she gives a guide of how to buy a bed based on your sleeping position. 

Back sleeper

If you prefer to sleep on your back, Pam says you need to get a bed that supports your lower back. 

"This type of sleeper needs support for the lower back. Most chiropractors recommend medium to firm mattress that hug the spine and that you avoid a spring mattress at any cost! They are way too stiff for the back sleeper," says Pam. 

Side sleeper

If you are one of those people who sleep on the side, then you need a plush mattress. 

"This sleeping position needs a mattress that lets the shoulders and hips sink in a little. Look for a plush mattress with foam that contours around these areas to ensure your spine remains properly aligned overnight," says Naidoo. 

Stomach sleeper 

Some people prefer to sleep on their stomach. This type of sleepers must buy a firm mattress. 

"Stomach sleepers come in two varieties: the type that genuinely prefers this position and the type that subconsciously chooses this position due to lower back pain. Either way, you’ll need a firm mattress that holds your body up. Too much sink will spell sleeping troubles," she says.

Combination sleeper

For those people who don't have one sleeping position, Naidoo says the best option is to buy a gel memory foam mattress. 

"The combo sleeper will rotate through all of the above sleeping positions and even invent a few of their own! A gel memory foam mattress or one with medium comfort will let your body sink slightly when you’re your side, hold firm while you’re on your back, and not be too soft when you’re on your stomach. It’s the way to go when you want to take the guesswork out of choosing the right firmness."

Lastly, Naidoo says don’t just buy a bed because it is on sale without checking if it's the right one for you. 

“Remember, buy the best bed that you can afford. You can always find 'bargain bedding', but it’s no bargain if you can’t get a good night’s sleep.” 

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