Between the sheets: How often should you change your bedding?

Between the sheets: How often should you change your bedding?

Another day, another household debate. This one has divided many of the staff members at East Coast Radio. 

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Listen as East Coast Radio staff share their linen-changing habits below, or read the details under the podcast.

It’s an age-old debate, and I think it’s going to have to be one of those that we agree to disagree on.

You’ve been at work, then popped in at the gym, and quickly had to make dinner. You’re about to jump into bed when you suddenly realise that you were supposed to change the sheets.

But you’ll do it tomorrow, right? Tomorrow comes, and it’s the same story again. Just one more night won't make too much of a difference?

Changing the bedding is the bane of most of our lives. It's the process which is enough to make anyone tired and exhausted even before jumping into bed. 

A massive debate broke out at the studios on Tuesday afternoon when a couple of colleagues and I got debating about changing the bedding. I was surprised to find that so many of us have different bedding habits. 

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For as long as I can remember, I change my linen every Thursday and it's been like that for a long time. But some of my colleagues varied in their responses. One colleague bravely said that he changes it once a month. Eek! 

But how often should you change your bedding? Well, according to science, a microbiologist has said that once a week is the right amount of time to change your bedding (Phew, thank goodness). The longer we sleep in the same linen, the more chance there is of bacteria lingering around. I also read that we also give off 26 gallons of sweat in our beds per year. Ew! 

It also becomes worse when there are two people in a bed, not to mention when it's flu season. Imagine sleeping with all that bacteria lying around? 

In addition to my colleagues, I surveyed East Coast Radio's Twitter audience on Tuesday afternoon, and I was surprised by the results. When the poll ended, of the 300 people surveyed, 42% said they changed once a week, 23% said once every two weeks, and 35% said once a month. 

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I bet I've got you thinking about your bedding right about now, right?  

I'd love to hear from you. How often do you change your sheets? Let me know by commenting or voting in the poll below. 

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