Ways to protect your solar panels from being stolen

Five ways to protect your solar panels from being stolen

Ensure that your solar panels are safe and secure with these tips...

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Loadshedding and crime are a big problem in South Africa. 

Currently, South Africans are dealing with electricity cuts on a daily basis. 

As millions seek solutions to the constant power cuts, the demand for solar power has increased. 

But with crime being such a major problem in the country, sadly, hundreds of households have lost their solar panels to criminals. 

Fidelity ADT told Business Insider: “Over the past few weeks, we have received reports of solar panels being stolen from properties, typically during the day while homeowners are at work."

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To prevent becoming a victim, we bring you tips that can help you keep your power system safe. 

According to Fidelity ADT, one of the best tips is to ensure that your home is safe by installing a security system that can alert you to when criminals enter your yard. 

The first step to keeping your solar power safe, according to Power Geeks, is to make sure your panels are locked in place and to secure them to something like a rail, which will make it difficult for them to move. 

The other tip is to install a solar alarm system to deter the thieves. 

There are also other anti-theft devices on the market that you can purchase such as power snap clips and tamper proof fasteners.

Another tip is to mark your equipment in a way that you can easily identify it. For instance, put your name, address, and telephone number on it so that if it is found, it can be returned to you. 

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