The future for motorists looks bright with a solar-powered vehicle

The future for motorists looks bright with a solar-powered vehicle

You see there is a way around the rising fuel costs...

Lightyear solar paneled car
Lightyear solar paneled car/Facebook/@asycardrive

With the rising fuel costs, there is definitely a big part of us that wishes we could find an alternative. 

For some, that means walking or cycling to work, maybe forming a lift club, and for others it's about finding remote working opportunities. 

But for the elite and the forward-thinking, there are futuristic cars in mind. 

Lightyear, a Dutch company, has announced that it will begin making the world's first production car fitted with solar panels.

"The Lightyear 0 will have curved solar panels in its roof, hood and trunk that top up the electric battery as it drives (or remains parked) and the first delivery in Europe could be as early as November." (CNN)

The car is estimated to drive around for over 620km without having to stop to recharge. 

"Each hour in the sun will add up to six miles (9km) of charge to the battery, according to Lightyear." (CNN)

They have even said that in hotter countries such as Spain and Portugal, if the driver's commute is less than 35km daily, then you won't need to plug in the car for up to seven months. 

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