Durban water shutdown: 10 water storage solutions

Durban water shutdown: 10 water storage solutions

With water outages planned for Tuesday and Wednesday in some parts of Durban, here is how you can store water to get you through the cuts.

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The eThekwini Municipality announced last week that there will be a Western aqueduct water supply system interruption this week.

This means thousands of Durban residents will be left without water. 

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The maintenance starts on Tuesday 18 February at 6am and will continue until Wednesday 19 February at 6pm.

It will affect 23 suburbs around Durban.

Here is how you can ensure you manage the water shortage: 

- Use paper plates and foam cups. That way you don't have to worry about washing dirty dishes. 

- Store water that you will use for the toilet. About six litres of water should be enough. However, the litres will depend on how large your family is. If there are many people living in your house, you might need to store more. 

- Don't throw away cooking water, rather use it to wash your veggies. 

- Store at least 10 litres of water for bathing and bath using a plastic bucket or basin. The litres will again depend on the size of your family. 

- Wash your laundry with a bucket of water. 

- Use only a cup of water to brush your teeth. 

- Store enough water for drinking. 

- Get a water tank. Although water tanks might be pricey, they are a great investment. You won't ever have to worry about a water shortage again. 

- Reuse water for your garden. However, this might not always be the best option because of the chemicals that might be contained in soaps etc, which might cause damage to some of your plants. 

- Use waterless hand sanitizer and wet wipes. 

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