6 tips for better online shopping

6 tips for better online shopping

Surfing the net while armed with your credit card can sometimes be a very bad thing. Here’s how to shop online safely and smartly.

Online shopping

Too many options and so many great products, coupled with an urge to impulse buy can leave you in debt. So, before you press that ‘check out’ button on your computer, look at these important online shopping tips:

Verify site credibility

No matter how legit a site looks, verify that it is credible.

Buying from unsecure and unknown sites is very dangerous and could lead to your account being hacked. Always be aware and do your research.

Beware of the deal mailers

Avoid leading yourself into temptation by signing up for deal emails. Chances are, if it looks good, you will be tempted. Only visit deal sites when you need to buy something. 

Unnecessary bargains

Those bargain sites advertising free gifts and $1 products can leave you with boxes of rubbish you’ll never use. Next time you’re tempted, stop, think about it, and if you don’t need it, move on. 

Details should be private

Never save your personal details online. This makes it easier for hackers to target you and puts your personal information at risk. 

Check shipping

Before proceeding with online purchases, always check how much shipping will cost. In some instances, something may look really cheap but shipping might be quite costly, and you could also end up paying high custom duties.

Read reviews

Always check what others had to say about the product you are planning to buy or even the site you are using. If a lot of people are complaining, best to steer clear.

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