Would you be able to eat this gigantic croissant?

Would you be able to eat this gigantic croissant?

Look, we aren't going to lie here, this is a bit excessive...

Man eats massive croissant at restaurant
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Well, you would need to be extremely hungry to even attempt to tackle this croissant and massive cup of what looks like hot chocolate!

Check it out below:

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With World Cup fever in France hitting serious levels of excitement, you wouldn't be blamed for trying some French delicacies, but whoever this bloke above is, he may need to tone down that excitement.

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While there is no information as to where and when the above video was shot, we must applaud the establishment for being able to create such a massive croissant... even if it looks a little dry. Yes, we said it.

Professional eaters

Eating massive portions for fun/sport is nothing new.

There are plenty of so-called 'professional eaters' out there who test their stomachs with - let's use a South Africanism here - moerse portions of food.

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One of our favourites - yes, it is a guilty pleasure to watch these videos - is 'BeardMeatsFood'.

Adam Moran, who is better known as BeardMeatsFood, is an English competitive eater and YouTube sensation. Some of the food he gets stuck into is insane, so we suggest you watch the below videos to gain a better understanding of his, well, uhm, insanity…

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