Video: Somizi Mhlongo makes spinach-infused focaccia bread

Video: Somizi Mhlongo makes spinach-infused focaccia bread

Somizi Mhlongo left social media in stitches after he made a special spinach-infused focaccia bread inspired by famous TikTok user Nara Smith. 

Spinach-infused focaccia bread
Spinach-infused focaccia bread/ TikTok screenshot

Spinach-infused focaccia bread is one of the healthier bread options available out there. 

As the name says, it is bread infused with spinach, and most people add cheese to make it more delicious. 

Somizi Mhlongo recently made his own spinach-infused focaccia bread, but gave it a little twist. 

If you follow TikTok user Nara Smith, you will notice how she often prides herself in making everything from scratch and how her meals take a long time to prepare. 

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Somizi, emulating Nara, joked in his video about how he had to make everything from scratch, including ice cubes. 

He uses spinach which he picked from the "Garden of Eden" and uses pistachio nuts and cherry tomatoes from “Belgium”.

Le Creuset bowls are used to mix the dough and he jokes about wrapping his bowl with “Dolce and Gabbana” plastic.

The video received over a 100,000 likes with many laughing at how Somizi made the bread. 

Below is the video. Watch it for inspiration. 


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Image courtesy of TikTok. 

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