Presenters share must-try recipes for Christmas

Presenters share must-try recipes for Christmas

Not sure what to cook for Christmas? These recipes from our presenters will make a great Christmas lunch for the entire family. 

Jayshree Parasuramen
Jayshree Parasuramen/

Christmas is around the corner. 

One of the biggest things about celebrating Christmas is having good food to enjoy with your loved ones. 

If you are stuck on ideas of what to prepare, don’t fret. 

Our presenters have shared their favourite meals and how to prepare them. 

The good thing is that these meals can be made for the entire family or you can even enjoy them solo. 

Let’s have a look at the recipes. 

Keri Miller

For Keri's family, Christmas is about counting your blessings but not forgetting the less fortunate. 

She says although her family prepares a nice lunch, they are mindful not to waste any food. 

" As a family, I’m proud to say we are very mindful when it comes to Christmas meals. We understand that we are in a country where many tummies go hungry. So the rule is, make enough not too much. It’s about being together not about overfeeding. We usually have 2 meats, 3 veg and some salads," says Keri. 


I will share a great way to prepare olives as a little starter, I learnt this from the Greeks. Use Kalamata olives. Empty out the liquid they’re in and rinse. Add them to a bowl and cover with a good quality olive oil (virgin, cold extraction). Add salt, pepper and origanum to the olives. (you can also add garlic if you love a garlic olive or chilli pieces for a delicious hot olive snack)," she says. 

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Jayshree Parasuramen

Turkey is a favourite for most families around Christmas time. Jayshree says she also enjoys making it on Christmas. 

" My favourite Christmas dish is oven roasted turkey. I don’t share recipes but I do have a secret flop proof recipe book. It’s our family tradition. Some recipes can never be shared. Sorry, but rest assured if you taste any of my dishes…the age old saying is apt “Once tasted, never wasted,” says the presenter.

Below is a turkey recipe that will you will enjoy. 

Michael Venter

For Michael, Christmas is the day you can kickstart your morning with chocolate and end it with a roast for lunch. 

" There’s nothing better than a Christmas morning. Gifts being shared, crackers being popped, and Chocolate for breakfast. A trip down to the beach, followed by a roast for lunch, and an afternoon nap. Then, early to bed to be fresh for the Boxing Day test cricket. If anyone reckons they’d rather spend Christmas holed up in a log cabin during a blizzard, like in every movie ever, they’re probably suffering from sunstroke after a lengthy (Blue Flag) beach day at Toti," says the presenter. 

Below Jamie Oliver shares his chicken roast recipe. 

Owen Crafford

Owen loves a good bowl of dessert on Christmas Day. 

"  So Christmas food is obviously a highlight and I am the guy to keep eating the curry-noodle salad for the whole week after Christmas! I also enjoy a good dessert, bring me a milk tart, Cremora tart or some malva pudding and I’m yours for the festive season!"

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