#MeatFreeMonday: Darren Maule makes pasta dish using baby food

#MeatFreeMonday: Darren Maule makes pasta dish using baby food

Say what? Baby food is not just for babies - try Darren’s pasta recipe for a delicious family dinner.

Darren Maule cooking his baby food pasta
Darren Maule/Facebook

East Coast Breakfast's Darren Maule has a meatless pasta dish that contains an interesting ingredient - baby food!

Yes, you read right, Darren did a little improvising in the kitchen on 'Meat Free Monday' to make a simple, tasty dish that takes just 15-minutes to make.

Darren couldn't get his hands on pumpkin puree so he opted for some butternut baby food instead.

"Whether you are a bunny hugger or you are just aware of rampant climate change - wherever you are on the spectrum,  'Meat Free Mondays' shouldn't be a hard thing," says Darren.

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  • Freshly chopped garlic
  • Pumpkin puree (or some butternut Purity)
  • Coconut milk
  • Pasta
  • Chives

Watch how Darren whips up this easy peasy lemon squeezy meal:

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