Make your own delicious ginger ale at home

Make your own delicious ginger ale at home

You only need four ingredients to make this mouth-watering drink that is packed with nutrients. 

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Ginger has numerous health benefits. It is packed with vitamin C, iron, and zinc. 

While ginger is known to give meals an extra kick, many people do not enjoy eating it on its own. 

It has a very hot and zesty taste. 

If you are looking for ginger drinks, this recipe will do the trick. 

This ginger ale drink is easy to make and is delicious. 

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- 2 tbsp peeled grated ginger 

- 3/4 cup sugar 

- 7 1/2 cups water

- 1/8 tsp of yeast


- Grate the ginger. 

- Put the grated ginger in a pot. 

- Add sugar. 

- Add half a cup of water. 

- Cook and stir on medium heat until sugar dissolves. 

- Remove from the stove and cover for an hour

- After an hour, discard the ginger solids and pour only the juice in a bottle. 

- Refrigerate the drink for 15 minutes. 

- Remove from fridge and pour in the yeast. 

- Add lemon. 

- Add 7 cups of water. 

- Squeeze out the excess air. 

- Leave the bottle at room temperature for 48 hours. 


You can also add mint to give it even more flavour. 

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