Ginger Milk Recipe!

Ginger Milk Recipe!

If the flu's got you spending more time in bed, what you really need is a cup of hot ginger milk. It's guaranteed to chase away those aches and chills.


The flu's got me down but not out. I've still been coming to work, shopping for groceries and running a household despite being so sick. Usually, it's my mum who takes care of me by filling my tummy with the best comfort food and my mind with the funniest stories from her childhood.

I'm married now, so it's hubby's responsibility to massage away those aches, take me to the doctor and fluff up my pillows.

I also got some much appreciated tips from East Coasters this week, on how to get better faster. One of the homemade remedies they suggested is the tried and tested hot cuppa, Ginger Milk.

Pot of delicious ginger milk

So, I went to the store yesterday to buy some whole ginger and fresh milk. I'd planned on making the hot therapy, for the first time by myself. This got me really worried. Thankfully though and to my surprise my neighbour, Nirmala, knocked on the door with a pot of piping hot ginger milk in hand. I was delighted! She'd heard about the recommendations from listeners on The Breakfast Stack and wanted to make sure I got some ginger milk, when I got home from work. It was absolutely superb! Needless to say, I slept like a baby, after two full cups. I asked my mum for her ginger milk recipe so that you can make some for yourself. Yummy!


Natarah's thrilled with her tasty gift!


Ginger Milk - Jane Nadesan (Natarah's mum)

1 piece ginger peeled & sliced (add more if you like it extra strong)

2 cups of milk

1 tsp turmeric powder



Bring the ingredients to boil.

Strain, add some sugar as desired & drink while hot. Enjoy!


- Natarah Nadesan

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