How to make a delicious home-made ginger beer

How to make a delicious home-made ginger beer

Making ginger beer is easier than you think!

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Nothing beats a glass of delicious home-made ginger beer.

Ginger beer is one of the best and healthiest drinks and is especially a great drink to beat the winter sniffles.

With ingredients like ginger and lemon, and sometimes honey, it’s the perfect flu and cold fighting remedy.

Have a look at this home-made ginger beer recipe courtesy of food vlogger Roer and Moer.

4 lemons
Ginger root cut out into chunks
Instant yeast
4 cups sugar
2 litres water
2 x 2 litre empty bottles

1.       Cut your ginger roots into chunks and place them in a blender. Add a little bit of water and blend until it forms into a paste.
2.       Pour sugar in a pot, and place on the stove.
3.       Add water to the sugar and stir until sugar dissolves.
4.       Add the ginger paste.
Take the pot off the stove.
5.       Make lemon juice by extracting the juice from your lemons and one lemon zest.
6.       Remove all the ginger roots from your ginger sugar mix and divide the juice into the 2 empty bottles.
7.       Divide the lemon juice into the two bottles.
8.       Pour half of the yeast into one bottle, and the remaining half into the other bottle.
8.       Pour cold water to help fill up the bottles and close with a lid.
9.       Tighten the lid of the bottles and put away in a warm, dark place for three days.

After the third day, your ginger beer will be ready.


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Image courtesy of iStock/ Mizina

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