Natural ways to keep your body warm in winter

Natural ways to keep your body warm in winter

Here is how you can stay warm this winter season without touching the heater. 

Person wearing gloves and drinking a hot beverage
A person wearing gloves drinking a hot beverage/ iStock

Love it or hate it, the coldest season of the year is here. This means cold feet and hands - oh, and let’s not forget the colds and flu.

To ensure that the cold weather doesn’t affect your health, you need to keep your body warm.

There are obvious ways to keep the body warm such as wearing warm clothes and wrapping yourself in a blanket, but there are also more less talked about ways to keep the body warm.

Eat the right food

There are foods that have been proven to naturally heat up your body.

Cinnamon, hot chili peppers, ginger, hot pap, and vetkoeks are great foods that can help heat up the body.

For more, read 'Five foods to help keep you warm during the cold'. 

Take a hot bath

Nothing warms the body up like a hot bath or shower on a cold day. 

However, to ensure you stay warmer for longer, ensure that you dress warmly immediately after the shower or bath. 

Moisturise your skin

During winter our skin tends to lose moisture and dry out. Putting on lotion such as petroleum jelly or moisturising oils act as an insulator and help maintain heat better.

Drink hot beverages

When it's cold, a hot drink is one of the simple ways to heat up the body.

The video below has warming winter drinks that are not only delicious, but can help prevent colds and flu.

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