Four ways to flavour your coffee

Four ways to flavour your coffee

Celebrate International Coffee Day by learning how to add flavour to your favourite hot beverage. 

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Can't go a day without coffee? You are not alone.

Coffee is one of the most-loved beverages around the world. It is estimated that two-billion cups of coffee are consumed every day worldwide.

This delicious hot beverage has been trusted by millions to help them kickstart their day. It is known for stimulating the mind and the caffeine found in coffee is known to help people stay awake. 

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October 1 is a day dedicated to celebrating coffee and #InternationalCoffeeDay has been trending on Twitter since the early hours of today.

Thousands of tweeps have used the social media platform to share their love for their favourite hot beverage.

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To celebrate the day, here is a video of how you can add flavour to your coffee. 

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