Coffee Addict? - 5 benefits for drinking coffee

Coffee Addict? - 5 benefits for drinking coffee

If you are a coffee fanatic, well today is your lucky day! And if you don’t drink coffee, well you might consider starting soon, as coffee has a lot of weird yet awesome effects on your body.

5 Coffee Benefits

The trick is to consume coffee in moderation. Drink too much and you might have serious problems. A cup or 2 a day will give you the following benefits:


1.     Your Brain Will Kick Into Overdrive

Coffee is a stimulant, so that first cup in the morning turns you from a zombie into human robots. Within 30 minutes, the caffeine helps modulate neurotransmitters that allow us concentrate.


2.     Your blood pressure rises – Stay away if you’re pregnant or have high blood pressure


3.     Coffee will make you poo – Coffee stimulates bowel movement.


4.     Sharpen Vision – Remember all those carrots you didn’t eat as a child? Well, you have coffee now. Coffee stimulates adrenaline, meaning your pupils dilate slightly leading to temporarily sharpened vision.


5.     You’ll have better work out stamina – Studies have proven that caffeine boosts muscle & endurance during a work out. Just one cup can help you exercise a 3rd longer and can prompt the body to burn fat!



So put that kettle on and brew that cup of coffee now.

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