Five foods to help keep you warm during the cold front

Five foods to help keep you warm during the cold front

We take a look at five foods that will help keep you warm during the cold winter months.

Ginger and lemon
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Forecasters have warned temperatures are set to drop across the country.

According to ECR, a second cold front is approaching KwaZulu-Natal and is likely keep temperatures down for the rest of the week.

EWN reports temperatures in Gauteng are expected to drop to a negative as the cold front continues for the rest of the week, and Cape Town is shivering with snow covering the mountains.

So how do you keep warm without having to hide away under layers of blankets? We’ve found five foods and ingredients which will help keep you and the family warm.


Nothing beats delicious, warm vetkoek on a cold winter’s day. Vetkoek served hot, with atchaar or apricot jam and a cup of tea or coffee is filling, comforting, and warming.

Renowned chef Zola Nene shares a great vetkoek recipe in the video below.


Cinnamon helps increase the body's metabolism and generates heat.

According to the NaturalOn website, cinnamon can be used in two forms, “the twig itself, which is used to warm energy channels and improve immune function.” This cinnamon is apparently “perfect for warming the extremities and (to) treat joint pain that tends to become worse in cold weather.

“The other form, cinnamon bark, is also very warming, especially right at our core. Cinnamon bark is terrific when it comes to warming the digestive system.”

You can sprinkle cinnamon on pumpkin or coffee or you can even add the bark to your stews.

Check out the video below to learn how to use cinnamon to cure cough and sore throat.

Hot chilli peppers

Have you noticed how you sweat after eating spicy food or chillies? According to the Push Doctor website, the capsaicin in chillis causes your brain to determine that your body is overheating. So, when you eat chillies, your body temperature increases.

Hot peppers, according to the Pepperhead website, not only helps increase body temperature but they also help fight against colds and flu. “Increase in body temperature from the ingestion of hot peppers triggers the immune system into action in fighting the norovirus (cold), flu viruses,” states the website.

So, if you ever needed an excuse to make a hot pot of curry or a delish chilli noodle dish, then here it is.

See more benefits of red chilli peppers in the video below.


Eating raw ginger will get your blood flowing and help keep your body warm, reports

“Dried ginger is even more warming and is perfect for anyone suffering from a respiratory illness, long term digestive issues, or chronic diseases that tend to leave people feeling cold, especially in the winter,” states Naturalon website.

Adding a teaspoon of ginger powder to your tea makes a delicious drink that warms you up instantly.

The video below has a nice ginger, lemon and honey tea.

Hot pap

Freshly made pap served hot will help keep the body warm and will make your tummy feel full. Serve it with a hot stew or relish and you have a winning winter warmer dish.

For a tasty version, add butter and Aromat. Or you can also try the yummy rainbow pap .

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