You just have to try this yummy 'Rainbow Pap'

You just have to try this yummy 'Rainbow Pap'

Celebrate Heritage Month by making this delicious 'Rainbow Pap'.


Pap, a porridge made from maize, is a staple in many of our homes across South Africa.

Different cultures have their own unique ways of making pap.

And in celebration of Heritage Month, Nelson Makgakoa, a professional chef who has cooked for different people in different parts of the world, shared his 'Rainbow Pap' recipe with us.

Below is how you can make the 'Rainbow Pap' - a pap with different colours. 

(Serves four)


3 cups water

2 cups maize meal

Three peppers (red, green, and yellow)

1 tablespoon Aromat (original)

2 tablespoon Rama Margarine

Wooden spoon

Wire whisk


Remove the stems of the room-temperature peppers.

Rinse the peppers.

Dice peppers and place in a bowl.

Pour the water in a pot and put to the boil.

Add Rama to the boiling water.

Then add Aromat.

Pour maize meal gradually and stir using the wire whisk for approximately 1 minute until the lumps are gone.

Close the lid.

Reduce the heat and cook for 5 minutes.

Use wooden spoon to combine thoroughly and to make the mixture smooth.

Add peppers to the mixture.

Close the pot and leave it to cook for 5 minutes.

Serve hot.

'Rainbow Pap' is best served with braai meat or beef stew. 

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