Easy peasy mini milk tarts

Easy peasy mini milk tarts

A quick and easy recipe that tastes divine. 


We were sent a recipe for this SA favourite sweet treat from a listener. 


1 tin Condensed Milk

3 cans fresh milk (use the condensed milk can)

3 tablespoon Maziena

1 tablespoon custard Powder

1⁄4 t salt

2 eggs

1 teaspoon vanilla essence

2 tablespoon butter

1 packet marie biscuits / mini marie

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Place 2 1⁄2 cans full cream milk, condensed milk 

and heat until almost boiling

Mix together the Maziena, custard, salt, eggs, vanilla 

and remainder fresh milk in a separate bowl.

Add custard mixture to warm milk, stirring 

continuously until mixture thickens

add butter and mix well


Line Pyrex / foil cups with marie biscuits

Pour mixture over biscuits, dust with fine cinnamon powder and refrigerate.

*Use plain marie biscuits.

Recipe originally appeared here: https://halaal.recipes

Do you have your own Milk tart recipe? Share it below. 

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