Cooking with Kris and Kylie Jenner: Pasta Primavera

Cooking with Kris and Kylie Jenner: Pasta Primavera

Need a quick and easy pasta dish for lunch or supper? Kris and Kylie Jenner have you covered! 

Kris and Kylie Jenner
Kris and Kylie Jenner/ YouTube (Vogue)

Kris Jenner and her daughter Kylie are cooking up a storm in the kitchen. The reality stars stopped by Vogue to make martinis and pasta. 

They are hard at work promoting the limited-edition Kylie Cosmetics collection inspired by the matriarch. The Kris Collection, which dropped on September 14, is their second make-up collaboration. 

In true Kris style, the collection pays homage to her love for martinis - which the 66-year-old allegedly makes every night. 

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Kris decided to show the Vogue team how she makes her signature martini as well as one of her favourite dishes - pasta primavera.

Before giving viewers a step-by-step guide on how to make the dish, Kris revealed a little secret about Kylie. 

"Kylie Jenner makes the best charcuterie board in the world," she says. Apparently, martinis go great with charcuterie boards. 

Kylie also made fun of her sister, Kendall Jenner, in the video. The model made headlines in May when she demonstrated a very unique way of cutting a cucumber. 

Kendall's cucumber cutting skills - or lack thereof - left many people appalled. 

"I wanna be rich enough to not know how to cut a cucumber"  one social media user remarked.

Here's what you need to make Kris Jenner's Pasta Primavera:

  1. Pasta
  2. Broccoli
  3. Zucchini
  4. Bell Peppers 
  5. Carrots
  6. Olive oil

Watch the video below to get all the details on how to make this simple dish. 

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Meanwhile, The Kris Collection is expected to sell out when it drops on Wednesday. 

With names like "but as her manager” lip crayon and "cocktail 'o clock" eyeshadow, the collection already has the make-up world buzzing. 

Their first collection together - the Momager kit-  was released in 2018 and was a big hit. The collection was released shortly after Kylie welcomed her first child, Stormi Webster.

The 25-year-old has since welcomed a second child with her partner Travis Scott. Their little boy's name is legally Wolf, but they plan on changing his name at some point. 

Kylie says her love and admiration for her mother grew after she welcomed her own children.

"My perspective on [my mom' has completely changed since becoming a mother. I respect mothers so much more now. Just the pregnancy, giving birth to them and then raising them and all of us have these crazy lives and these big problems. and you handle them all so well," Kylie said while promoting the collection on her YouTube channel.

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Main image credit: YouTube/ Vogue

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