Celebs share their favourite traditional foods
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Celebs share their favourite traditional foods

Are you looking for a traditional dish to try this Heritage Day? Our celebs have you covered.

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To be proudly South African means to celebrate our traditions - and food is high up on that list.

Whether it’s Briyani, Masonja (Mopani Worms) or Potjiekos, each tribe and culture has its own signature dish.

And what better way to celebrate our heritage than with a delicious plate of traditional food?

And if you aren't a master in the kitchen, don't worry, we also provide you with recipes to make things easier. 

Let's look at some traditional meals those in Celebville enjoy. 

Devi Sankaree

Award-winning investigative journalist Devi Sankaree loves her traditional food.

One of her favourite traditional foods is Vada- a delicious Indian snack. 

If you are having friends or family over to celebrate Heritage Day, we recommend you try it out. It will leave them licking their fingers.

What other traditional meals does Devi enjoy? Fish roe, dhal and mixed curry with sour porridge. 

Rebecca Malope

The 'Queen of Gospel', Rebecca Malope, has never been shy to express her love for traditional food.

“I love African food and I believe in cooking for myself. I know my way around my kitchen and I’m also a good cook,” she recently told Daily Sun

Below is a video of her cooking chicken feet with chef Siba Mtongana.

Siba Mtongana

Siba might have cooked different cuisines around the world, but she still loves a good bowl of traditional African food.

“My lazy nostalgic traditional Sunday dinner at home... Amanqina enkukhu (chicken feet), pap and veggies... took me back home to Mdantsane back in the days... teaching my kids to all sorts of foods to widen their palette in both traditional and modern / global cuisines,” she wrote on Instagram.

Click here for Siba Mtongana’s chicken feet recipe.

Somizi Mhlongo

Somizi is a big fan of traditional food. One of his favourites is chicken feet and Umleqwa (hardbody chicken). He also loves tripe, dumplings, and chakalaka.

In the below post, Somizi shares a recipe of how to cook traditional chicken necks with a modern twist.

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Bobotie is also a favourite traditional dish in South Africa. For the perfect bobotie recipe, click here

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