World Milk Day: Interesting facts about milk

Why milk is good for you

Drinking a glass of milk a day can do wonders for your health. 

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Milk is one of the most consumed beverages around the world. 

According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, more than six-billion people worldwide consume milk and milk products

The site states that milk provides two to four percent of dietary energy supply in Africa and Asia. 

Milk is considered a whole food because it provides 18 out of 22 essential nutrients, according to Healthline. It contains phosphorus, protein, potassium, vitamins B-12, vitamin A, and vitamin k2. 

It is packed with lots of nutrients and can do wonders for your health. 

As the world celebrates World Milk Day on 1 June, we put the spotlight on three amazing health benefits of drinking milk.

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Milk is good for your bones

Milk is loaded with calcium which is crucial for the growth and development of bones. 

This calcium is also good for teeth health. 

Milk also has protein which is important for bone health. Protein reportedly makes up about 50% of bone volume. 

Milk helps strengthen your muscles

Drinking milk contributes to muscle mass gain and contains all nine of the essential amino acids. It has the branched-chain amino acid which helps prevent muscle loss. 

Milk can help prevent diseases

Milk contains calcium, potassium, and magnesium, which is important for maintaining good health. 

Healthline reports that 'milk fat may help raise levels of HDL (good) cholesterol. Having healthy HDL cholesterol levels may prevent heart disease and stroke'.

The lactose in milk reportedly helps reduce the production of bad cholesterol. 

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