Would you go for a snake massage?

Would you go for a snake massage?

Apparently, the bigger the snake, the better the massage…

Snake massage
Snake massage/ YouTube screenshot

This must be the creepiest massage ever?! Can you imagine snakes slithering all over your body massaging you? Insane!

Never mind the fact that many of us can’t even imagine having them in our house or yard, let alone on our body.

But, apparently, pythons offer the best massage, and there are benefits to the massage.

According to expert massage therapy, a snake massage improves the blood flow to the heart, which helps to decrease the risk of heart diseases. It also dilates all the blood vessels, helping them to work more accurately, lowers blood pressure, and reduces tension and anxiety. 

If you are worried about getting bitten, relax. The snakes are trained and their mouths are taped shut. 

Even though snake massages are not yet in South Africa, they are a thing in Israel, Russia, Thailand, Indonesia, Brazil, New York, and the Philippines.

Below is a video of a person getting a snake massage.

Warning: Please don’t try this at home. Speak to your health practitioner before considering a snake massage. 

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