WATCH: Ferrari brutalised by Midrand hailstorm

WATCH: Ferrari brutalised by Midrand hailstorm

We are not going to lie, seeing this hurt us, and it isn't even our car!


Owning a Ferrari is a life goal for many people.

People dream of getting behind the wheel of a red Ferrari from a young age, but the reality is that only a select few will ever have the privilege of owning one.

WATCH: Midrand hailstorm leaves trail of destruction

For those lucky enough, shelling out a pretty penny on one of these beauties is an investment, so to see that very investment go down the drain like this poor soul must be heartbreaking.

Watch the video below of the Ferrari which took a severe beating from the hailstorm that tore through Midrand, Gauteng on Monday evening:

@thecarscene_ Ferrari down bad 😪🧊. I hope you’re all okay after that freak storm tonight! Roads are an absolute mess. If your car was unfortunately damaged today I can safely recommend @Sanrose Autobody to get back in top condition! 🙌 #midrandhail #hailstorm #ferrari #haildamage #hail #storm #johannesburgstorm #jhbstorm #midrandstorm #midrand #ferrari458italia #458italia ♬ Otra Vez - ProdMarvin

The hailstorm took many by surprise in Midrand, so it is no surprise that the Ferrari was left outside for the elements to do their worst to it.

To the poor owner, good luck with the insurance claim - we just can't imagine what the excess will look like!


Midrand hailstorm

As we mentioned above, the storm hit the area pretty quickly and without much warning.

Below are some videos from social media which illustrate the extent of the storm:

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Image courtesy of Pixabay

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