Woman demands R43m from sperm donor who lied about his ethnicity

Woman demands R43m from sperm donor who lied about his ethnicity

A sperm donor is being taken to court for lying about his ethnicity, education, and relationship status. 

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A Japanese woman has given up her baby after discovering that a sperm donor she met online lied to her. According to Complex, the sperm donor lied about his ethnicity, educational background, and relationship status.

The 30-year-old woman is now suing him for $2.8-million (R43-million). She says the man originally claimed that he is Japanese but is actually from China. 

She is also upset that he fooled her into believing that he graduated from Kyoto University. 

He allegedly also lied about being single. The man is reportedly married.  

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The woman, who is also married, turned to a sperm donor to help her conceive a second child after she learned that her husband has a hereditary condition.  

She reportedly met the man on social media. They allegedly had sex 10 times before she conceived the baby in 2019.

When the woman found out about the man's false claims, she considered having an abortion, but it was too late. A child care facility is now looking after the child. 

The woman is suing her sperm donor for emotional distress and fraud. She also believes the man lied about the information just so he could have sex with her. 

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