Woman catches mom (42) in bed with her boyfriend (18)

Woman catches mom in bed with her boyfriend

A woman has taken to Reddit to complain about her mom (42) sleeping with her boyfriend (18). 

Woman Catching Cheating Boyfriend With Another Girl In Their Bedroom
Woman Catching Cheating Boyfriend With Another Girl In Their Bedroom/ iStock

Cheating is very common, sadly. No matter how many stories, books, and experiences are told about the dangers of cheating, it continues to happen. 

What's more devastating is if a family member chooses to go behind your back and sleep with your partner. 

One woman took to Reddit to reveal the shocking news that she recently found out that her mother was sleeping with her boyfriend. 

She started by explaining how her mother was the reason she even went out with her boyfriend in the first place. 

"He (18) is my (18f) ex now, obviously. But we were together when he cheated on me with her (42). This hurts even more because she was the one who encouraged me to ask him out. He and I have been best friends since we were 13. When we were 16, she told me to stop being afraid and pursue him," she wrote on Reddit. 

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The lady went on to explain that she caught her mom red-handed.

"I found out about their affair last week when I came home much earlier than I was expected(professor was sick and cancelled lecture). Caught them red-handed," she wrote. 

The lady says her mom apologised for the betrayal, but she has blocked her.  

"Mom tried to apologise and said that she ‘just wanted to feel young again.’ I still blocked her anyway," she wrote. 

However, what is confusing her is that her grandparents are saying she must forgive her mother because she financially supported her. 

"Now my grandparents are telling me I’m going too far, and that because she put a roof over my head and food in my mouth I shouldn’t cut her off entirely. They think I should go home and eventually forgive her," she wrote. 

The woman ended her post by saying she is currently staying with her father. 

"Thanks, everyone. I am staying with my dad and will be asking my ex how long he has been intimate with her, to see if she has groomed him," she wrote. 

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AITAH for going no contact with my mom after she had sex with my boyfriend?
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