Why you should live like a local during an international vacation

Why you should live like a local during an international vacation

One of the best ways to enjoy a holiday in a foreign environment is to experience how the locals live and blend in. Here’s why you should consider doing so.

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Living in a vibrant city such as Durban, from time to time you would notice tourists that make their way to Mzansi to soak up the sun and to experience our unique culture.

Although they try to blend in, those who choose to go the ‘explore the city by myself’ route end up looking lost and very confused as they attempt to make their way around town.

‘Living like a local’ is a common term that’s used in the traveling industry to describe how a traveler gets to experience a destination as someone who resides in the area.

Many try to convince you to find your way around town by yourself, but it can be an absolute nightmare – especially if you do not know the area you are in.

One of the best reasons to live like a local during an international vacation is that you get to experience the destination in a different light. Most hotels are within the area of a main town and attractions aren’t too far away – which can be a good or a bad thing.

Living like a local would mean that you get to experience a destination as how a resident would in all its glory. In addition to that, you would also get the opportunity to see those hidden gems that you wouldn’t normally see while on a regular tour.

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On that note, if you’re a traveler that has always wanted to get the full travel experience as how a resident sees it on a daily basis, you may want to consider Pentravel’s Trafalgar package as a vacation option – as this is a far better option than getting lost about town by yourself!

The guided holiday package allows tourists to experience a destination in a uniquely authentic way by use of local guides in countries situated all over the world, with Europe being their biggest.

Sound good? Well, you haven’t heard the best part yet. They also offer Insider Experiences which gives holiday-goers the option to interact with the locals, experience their culture, and even enjoy a meal in their homes. Yum!

If you’re looking for an authentic holiday experience, this certainly is the package for you. Thankfully, Pentravel consultants are clued up with Trafalgar and are able to put a package together to suit your traveling needs.

So leave the stress behind, pack your bags, and let Pentravel take care of the rest.

Listen below as Mel Rebeck and Jasmine Monk from Pentravel chat about their exclusive Trafalgar deals.

Visit a Pentravel agent at one of their nine branches in KwaZulu-Natal or check out their site www.pentravel.co.za for more information. 

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