The packing trick that will make travel easier

The packing trick that will make travel easier

The June school holidays are just around the corner, which means many people will soon be packing their bags for their family trips.


Packing is often a daunting task – mostly because there is so much to pack, and not enough suitcase space.

A video of a woman packing 25 items of clothing in her small carrier bag has been viewed over 21-million times on Facebook, and shared close to half a million times. 

What is all the fuss about?

The woman has come up with an amazing trick to help you maximise your suitcase space, and pack much more than you could with your normal packing system. 

How does she do it?

She first packs each clothing item flat on top of each other. She then places small items, like socks and underwear, in the centre of the pile.

Finally, she folds her clothing, one-by-one, on top of one another. The result is a neat bundle that fits snugly in her small suitcase – which she could easily avoid having to check in at the airport. 

We will definitely be trying out this neat trick on our next vacation. 

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