Who rules the roost - mom or dad?

Who rules the roost - mom or dad?

Based on this video of a boy resisting the temptation of a sweet treat, we're leaning towards mom being in charge...

Mother warning her daughter how to behave
File photo: iStock/chameleonseye

A little boy in America is making headlines around the world after refusing to accept a lollipop from his father.

Why? Because his mother said no! 

Shavonnah Moss and Kendall Holt shared a cute video of the smart young man resisting what has to be the biggest temptation for most kids. 

"Daddy said you can have it. I'm in charge around here," his dad tells him.

The boy, who keeps walking backwards as his father dangles the lollipop in front of him, does not budge.

"I'm gonna choke... I don't want it...  My mommy said no," he asserts. 

The boy eventually decided to walk as far away from the sweet treat as possible, because his mama didn't raise no fool!

Watch the cute video below.

Social media users have applauded the boy's parents for raising such a disciplined child.

"Protect him at all costs. You know this boy ain’t getting kidnapped by nobody! Good job mommy," one Instagram user wrote.

Another added: "Soon as he said he made the rules and not mommy, the boy was clear, his father has lost his mind. Best to walk away slowly from the mad man."

A third person commented: "The fact that mommy ain’t around but her instruction holds weight says a lot about her & how she raising this lil man lol."


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