Hungry groom sneaks a taste of wedding cake

Video: Hungry groom sneaks a taste of wedding cake

The groom clearly couldn't wait for the cake-cutting ceremony...

Groom 'steals' cake on wedding day
Groom 'steals' cake on wedding day /Instagram

The cutting of the cake is an important event on a wedding day. 

Although the cake might be placed on its stand from the inception of the wedding ceremony, there is an allocated time for eating it. 

But what happens when you are hungry and just can't wait? 

That was the case for this groom who kept staring at his cake to indicate that he can't wait to get his hands on it. 

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The groom grew tired of waiting and eventually reached out to the cake and with his finger, lifted a small part of the cake to taste. 

After tasting it, he went on to get a fork and dig in some more. 

The action left some of the people who saw him in stitches. 

Watch the video below:

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