UN: Nearly half of all pregnancies worldwide are unintended

Report: Nearly half of all pregnancies worldwide are unintended

The latest findings by the World Population Report shows that nearly half of all pregnancies, totalling 121-million each year throughout the world, are unplanned.

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Falling pregnant can have serious consequences, especially if not planned. 

Yet, regardless of how huge of an impact a pregnancy can have on many women, sadly, statics reveal that half of the pregnancies around the world are not planned.

Nearly half of all pregnancies, totalling 121-million each year throughout the world, are unintended, the World Population Report shows.  

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This figure is even worse in Southern Africa.

According to a government report published on Thursday, 23 June, in Southern Africa, 65 percent of pregnancies between 2015 and 2019 were unintended. It also states that "for the women and girls affected, the most life-altering reproductive choice - whether or not to become pregnant - is not a choice at all."

There are instances where women's rights are violated, resulting in pregnancy. This includes rape or when their partners or religion prevents them from using contraceptives. 

Some pregnancies are a result of poor family planning or incorrect usage of contraceptives. In South Africa, one of the biggest contributors to unplanned pregnancies is  people not being able to get the contraception that they need, when they need it. There is also a need to address the stigma and misinformation that comes with the use of contraceptives. 

Some of the consequences of unplanned pregnancies are as the following:

- The mental health of women can suffer greatly because of the responsibility that comes with having to parent a child you had not planned. Stigma from society can also add to the mental stress. 

- Falling pregnant unplanned can interrupt a woman's future plans. Some women are forced to put a stop/hold on their studies and others are forced to give up their careers. 

- Unplanned pregnancies can have a serious impact on a woman's finances. Some are forced to go on maternity leave without pay, while others are forced out of their jobs because of the nature of their work. 

- Women feel forced to remain with men they do not love or marry men who abuse them for the sake of the baby. 

- Women have abortions because they cannot afford to keep the baby. 

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